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"Wireless technology allows us to create networks where faculty want to teach and where students want to learn. It causes a fundamental realignment about creating educational spaces-whether it's at Elkhorn Slough in Monterey Bay or at the Ross Sea in the Antarctic."

Anticipating the widespread adoption of mobile communications and education's need for reliable information concerning wireless technologies, CSUMB conducted national research and received Congressional Awards to launch the Wireless Education and Technology Research Center (WeTEC).

WeTEC identified a national need to provide education and industry with reliable, unbiased information concerning technology deployment, applications, assessments and issues for teaching and learning in mobile environments. WeTEC supports K-12, higher and adult education mobile technology projects by:

  • Assisting educators to create innovative curricula that deploy wireless technology on campus and in the community;
  • Fostering partnerships with education, professional associations, industry vendors and municipal and non-profit agencies to deploy wireless technologies in community settings.

WeTEC's web site serves as a clearinghouse allowing users to publish, archive, search and easily retrieve a rich array of up-to-date resources such as pedagogical issues, technological practices, case studies, curricula and assessment models that effectively integrate wireless technologies in the teaching and learning environment.

The goal of the WeTEC is to "make a difference" and to provide resources for those who are involved in mobile education-from research to technical issues to case studies to conferences, symposia, newsletters and webcasts.

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