With two years of experience in using Tablet PCs in Mathematics and Statistics courses, Dr. Hu advances initiatives in mathematics teaching and learning by applying pedagogical strategies and Tablet technologies to remedial Math 98/99, a two-semester course, which enrolls 500 students annually.

Students using Tablet PCThe California State University (comprising 23 campuses) sets the highest standards in mathematics and English in the nation for graduation. Students are required to pass math by the end of their freshman year, or face expulsion. Nearly 4 out of 10 entering CSU freshmen require remedial math instruction; at CSUMB this rate is over 60% because of the large numbers of minority freshmen who come from low-income and underserved families-many are the children of our migrant farm worker population. The project's outcomes focus on assisting greater numbers of students to achieve mathematical fluency, and pass the required remedial courses so that they may pursue their higher education goals.

HP Tablet PC Case Dr. Hu engaged the other Mathematics teachers in this project in the course redesign and in integrating the Tablets in the Classroom. They are infusing a variety of teaching and learning strategies, such as problem based learning and cooperative learning methods and are creating mobile learning environments where teams of three students participate in collaborative learning strategies by addressing real-world issues that may be solved by mathematical reasoning.

Seven tenure-track faculty plus 10 Lecturers and teams of teaching assistants will receive professional development training as the project progresses.