CSUMB established a computing facility in its Community Learning Center as part of a $3.6 Million dollar ARRA NTIA Broadband Technology Opportunities Program Grant, that MCAET received on behalf of 7 sub-recipients. 

An Initiative of CSUMB's Service Learning Institute
in Partnership with WeTEC

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Click here to view an article about Peter Nelson from Monterey County Weekly

Public Computing Center Launch May 4th, 2011. In Celebration of the insatllation of new computers, projection systems, high speed internet, as well as the first digital literacy courses for the olocal community. The Center invited public officials, friends and the community to join us in festivities!

Public Computing Center building front

 2 students helping eachother Lewis helping a student
Above: Two students helping eachother Above: Lewis helping a student
Lewis and Seth talking Arlene Krebs and Peter Nelson
Above: Lewis & Seth talking Above: Arlene Krebs & Peter Nelson
Salinas Mayor Danielle Lam introduces her video about Chinatown and its residents
Above: Salinas City Mayor Dennis Donohue Above: Danielle Lam introducing her video of Chinatown and its residents. Watch the video at the bottom of this page!
Closing remarks by Seth CSUMB President Dianne Harrison is given a gift.
ABOVE: Closing remarks by Seth Pollack ABOVE: Seth presents CSUMB President Harrison with a gift.
PCC students surfing the net PCC Grand Opening ceremony
ABOVE: Students surfing the net ABOVE: PCC Grand Opening ceremony
Peter Nelson helping a student Chip Lenno and John Grunder
ABOVE: Peter Nelson helping a student ABOVE: Chip Lenno and John Grunder
students using computers at the Public Computing Center CSUMB Student helping PCC students
ABOVE: Students using computers at the Public Computing Center ABOVE: CSUMB Student helping PCC students
People arriving for the grand opening Listening to opening remarks
ABOVE: People arriving for the grand opening ABOVE: Listening to opening remarks
Dianne Harrison speaking Peter Nelson speaking

ABOVE: CSUMB President Dianne Harrison speaking

BELOW: Public Computing Center before grant award

ABOVE: Peter Nelson speaking

BELOW: Lewis using a PC before grant award financed new computers

Public Computing Center before grant award Lewis using a PC before grant award financed new computers


A video by Danielle Lam about Salinas Chinatown and the people who live there.
If the video does not play you can copy and paste the following link in your browser window: